Proud of the Jawans, Indian Armed force

This is a true account written by Devina whose mom was in the attacked bus of Amarnath Yatra.

Mummy and all passengers were registered, and even the bus. Mum says superb facility for all yatris at Amarnath. They had finished the darshan on Sunday. They were to go to Katra, after the darshan. But someone who owns few hotels at Srinagar met the tour organiser, and insisted that they should all visit Srinagar, which was not actually in the tour itinerary. That person said he would provide free hotel stay, vans for sight seeing for everyone, which tempted the tourists, so inspite of the organisers denial he had to change the plan. All monday morning they spent time at Srinagar and left the hotel by 4.30 pm…. which was quite a good time to leave. 
Unfortunately, one of the tyres got punctured and they had to wait. They lost almost two hours there coz of which they got late. They started at 7, and halted somewhere for snacks, after which my mum was asked to swap her seat, and a few moments later, the driver could see some people with guns. In a fraction of a second, a bullet passed very near thru the driver’s head, he bent down but didn’t stop or slow the bus, n kept asking everyone to bend down.
By that time they had fired people from both sides. Few ppl were asleep, so didn’t realise what was happening n thus got shot. 
Mummy was asked to sit on the corner seat after the break, which proved to be a boon to her as she was able to quickly sleep on the bus floor. Within no time the floor was covered with blood but she didn’t get up until they reached the army camp about 2 and half kms ahead. 
The army Jawans had rushed to help everyone immediately. There was glass on the floor so many ppl hurt their feet but mummy waited, wore her shoes n then moved out so she wasn’t hurt a bit. *Thank you God…* 
Mum says, the Jawans took such good care of every single person. There was one jawan for every person. They kept saying Sorry, for not being able to help them on time and for the inconvenience caused. 
Since all their bags were in the bus, everyone was given clothes to change, a very good meal was cooked for them in no time, since everyone was scared, the jawans kept soothing them. Spotless white bedding was ready for everyone. They kept checking blood pressure of all the tourists time and again since most of them were senior citizens. My mum’s medicines were in the bus, a jawan quickly got them for her… my mummy was very scared, but the jawan kept talking to her, made her feel safe. *GOD BLESS THEM ALL….* 
Next morning (yesterday) at about 10.30 they were taken to Srinagar Airport in bullet proof jeeps, escorted by army officials and Jawans. All the deceased were given a guard of Honour there, they were named as *Shaheed* and then everyone was brought to Surat in the army Aircraft. The injured were again taken to Surat Civil Hospital for further treatment and from there everyone was taken to their homes in the ambulances along with their officials who dropped them till home. 
We *Thank God* for taking such good care of my mummy. It’s a miracle. 
Proud of the Jawans, mummy says they are such good people, so disciplined, so caring, God bless them…..

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